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Water Base Machining Coolant
The Problem Solving Coolant
MK-GoldTurn outperforms other tapping, honing, and broaching
compounds, AND it does not contain petroleum oil or petroleum
solvents.  Use it for broaching, tapping, turning, drilling, milling,
rough boring, and honing.

Customers have realized a 20% increase in tool life and the ability
to increase production output on an average of 50%.  The water
based inhibitors keep parts from rusting in-plant for several
weeks.  Foam levels are not a problem and, where necessary, a
specific anti-foam agent is available.  The odor is mild and
pleasant, not oily, and does not cling to clothes and skin.  The
biocide is effective in typical shops.

MK-GoldTurn contains no warnings for nitrites, silicates, VOC's,
or DEA (diethanolamine). The pH as shipped is 8.5 +/- 0.3   
MK-GoldTurn is environmentally friendly and acceptable for
sanitary sewer disposal if it is free of tramp oils.  0-Health Hazard,
0-Flammability 0-Reactivity.

MK-GoldTurn®, was recently compared with popular machining fluids
in a series of Drawbead Test (ASTM D4173).  It demonstrated
greater cost/performance value than other brands.  And, it is priced
below published prices shown in the popular catalogs.  Markee
products are all water based, environmentally friendly, and do not
contain petroleum oils or solvent (hydrocarbons). Here are the
Drawbead SLT scores and prices of the products tested.  Lower SLT
scores indicate more lubricity, and give longer tool life.  A difference
greater than 5% is considered significant.
Developed as a tapping fluid, this new product is now being used in
diamond boring, honing, tapping, turning, and  broaching.

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