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Water Base Lubricants
  • Sizing of Powder Metal Parts  
  • Stamping, Drawing, Tapping, and Honing
All of the following are based on our patented lubricant:  These
products do not contain sulfur, chlorine, halogens, nitrites, silicates,
VOC's,  nor petroleum oils/solvents.  All are biodegradable.


This is our original water base lubricant developed for sizing, and
coining powder metal parts.  It maintains extreme lubricity while
being diluted for different applications - as low as 10% in tap
water.    Not for use on non-ferrous metals.  pH as shipped 7.5 +/-

MK-GOLD T-11™     

This variation is acceptable for use with ferrous and most non-
ferrous metals.  It provides lubrication similar to MK-GOLD, and can
be used in the same applications; plus, sizing of brass, bronze, and
other copper alloys.  This product is also suitable for drawing
copper wire.  pH as shipped 7.4+/- 0.30.


Magnum has replaced highly sulfonated petroleum oils in extreme
drawing applications of cold rolled steel.  Proven for high density
sizing of P/M parts.  This lubricant outperforms all competitive
water base products, sulfonated/chlorinated oils, oils with added
molydisulfide, and many TFE (fluorocarbon polymers).  pH as
shipped is 7.7 +/- 0.30.

MK-P 75®

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