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MK-144  Vibratory / Tumbling and Washing compound.  Used in mass
finishing  when you need extra cleaning power and good rust inhibiting.   Also, it is
excellent in parts washers, hot or cold.   Contains no silicates, nitrites, or DEA
(diethanolamine ) pH as shipped 9.6 +/- 0.30.

MK-153  Vibratory / Tumbling Compound for ferrous and non-ferrous
 Excellent corrosion inhibiting for all parts.   It is the best all-around mass
finishing compound we have ever tested.  In ball burnishing it eliminates the need
to "bed down" the media.  Allows "NO Rinse, No Dip" processing in many
applications.    Highly biodegradable, and it contains no silicates, nitrites, or DEA.  
pH as shipped 9.4 +/- 0.30.

MK-173  This may be one of the most economical compounds, anywhere,
for non-ferrous parts.
 It is a good cleaner, yet the pH is low.  It doesn't burn
delicate alloys or sensitive metals.  MK-173 is used 120:1, or weaker.  Some zinc
and aluminum die casters use it as weak as 1000:1.  It gives good color and has
very little tendency to water spot or leave any residue.   Biodegradable, and it
contains no silicates, nitrites, or DEA.  pH as shipped 8.7 +/- 0.15.

MK-651  This is an abrasive compound for those special vibratory/tumble
applications that require a loose abrasive.  It is excellent for part-on-part
processing.  This product contains a high concentration of durable, fused aluminum
oxide grain to provide cutting.  It has good in-process corrosion control and
excellent rinsing.  It is usually rinsed with a solution of MK-153.

MK651SC Same as MK-651, except that the abrasive grain is aggressive
silicon carbide.
It is favored for parts to be welded, or brazed, and for shorter
time cycles.  Leaves a very clean surface when rinsed with a solution of MK-153.

Closed Loop (CL) formulas containing additional protection against bacteria are
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Vibratory / Tumbling Mass Finishing
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