Vibratory Finishing / Parts Washing
MK144 combines excellent rust inhibiting with strong cleaning

It has very low foam, and can be used hot or cold in all stages
of parts washers, including final rinse.  In multi-stage washers
we recommend putting fresh solution in the last stage, while
back-flowing into the previous stages.

This is also used in mass finishing.  It keeps media clean and
sharp.  It removes quench oils, stamping oils, even grease.  
Users are frequently able to eliminate drying operations after
mass finishing because of its excellent corrosion inhibiting on
ferrous parts.

The pH of 9.6 +/- 0.3 is mild for the operators, and it is
biodegradable.  It does not contain DEA, nitrites, or VOC's.
Markee International
21st Century GREEN Chemistry