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Markee International
21st Century GREEN Chemistry


Markee International Corporation is an independent manufacturer
of mass finishing compounds, corrosion inhibitors, and patented
water-based lubricants. We have compounds that serve a multitude
of requirements such as cleaning, rust inhibiting, water
conditioning, and cushioning in a single product.  We introduced
"no rinse, no dip" mass finishing in the early 1970's.

Late in the 20th century Markee was licensed to manufacture the
patented  water based lubricants for replacing fossil oils in many
applications.  Some examples of these are products for drawing and
cold forming, powdered metal sizing, and a cutting coolant,
MK-GoldTurn, for all metal machining operations.  These products
are setting new records for die life, wheel life, tool life, and
productivity in drawing, cold forming, honing, turning, tapping, and
cutting operations.

Markee has focused on user safe, environmentally friendly products
from the start, and for over ten years we have demanded raw
materials that meet our 21st century chemistry standards. Markee
products are user safe and environmentally friendly.  

Our compounds and lubricants are sold direct to the end user,
resulting in very competitive pricing.  

For more information call: 614-771-8989 or FAX: 614-771-7987
Markee International Corporation,  1849 Westbelt Drive, Columbus, OH 43228
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