Sept. 2010

Water-based Additive for Additional Ferrous Corrosion Control

Salient features:
·        Compatible with water-based process compounds:
o        Mass finishing
o        Machining
o        Grinding
o        Washing
o        Water based rust inhibitors
o        P/M sizing
o        Polymer quenchants

·        Biodegradable, “green” chemistry.
·        Mild 8.5 pH at 1%; 8.8 pH at 5%
·        NO nitrites, silicates, DEA (diethanolamine), or petroleum
·        Less than 0.5% VOC’s
·        Protects against galvanic corrosion
·        Dries dry to the touch

Examples of Use:
·        * 1% added to above list of products will give in-house   
protection generally 30 days, or more.
·        * 5% added to above list of products will increase most
product’s protection adequate for overseas shipping.  
Expect to exceed 30 days in 100F, 100% humidity cabinet test.
·         Dip P/M parts after sintering, while hot; use 3 to 5% for most
ferrous parts; 10% for straight iron parts; 25% for parts
containing MnS.
·         Use 2% to treat wood sorting and inspection tables
·        Use 2% to treat wood and corrugated containers before packing
* Results will vary with base product.

NOTE:  Allow product to dry before packaging or subjecting to
high  humidity
A Water Base Corrosion Inhibitor for
          Indoor Protection


  • Biodegradable
  • NO oils or solvents
  • NO nitrites
  • Mix with ordinary tap water
  • Dries to the touch
  • Does not darken parts
  • HazMat all Zeroes
  • pH 9.8 +/-0.20


  • Last stage in parts washers
  • Alone in parts washers when only mild cleaning is needed
  • Tumble/vibratory finishing compound for non-oily parts
  • Dip hot P/M parts after sintering
  • Dip after machining
  • Dip or spray after mass finishing
  • Treat wood sorting and inspection tables
  • Treat wood and cardboard containers before packing


  • Washing, dipping, spraying: 5% for steel, 20% for cast iron or
  • Tumble/vibratory finishing: 2% in machine, 5% in subsequent
  • Treat sorting and inspection tables, and containers: 10%
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