Hand Cleaner

Biodegradable, Environmentally Smart
Low Foam for Better Cleaning
and Faster Rinsing
Lifts dirt and grease off your hands.
No Abrasives.
Leaves skin smooth & soft.
7.0 to 7.5 pH-Very Mild

Made in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.
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            Product Information

General Statement:  This is a hand cleaner that was developed with metalworkers,
especially powdered metal workers, in mind.  These people get a special kind of ground
in contamination on their hands.  This grime is composed of metal dust, metal oxides,
petroleum oils, soot, heat treat scale, and plain old sweat and dirt.  Typically, they must
wash their hands at least four times each day, and they often use very harsh and/or
abrasive products to wash and clean their hands.  Ultra Kleen Hand Cleaner eliminates
those harmful chemicals, replacing them with a semi-gelled product that is very mild and
that leaves hands soft and clean without using hand lotions following the washing.  Yet,
the cleaning power equals those harsh and abrasive products.

Salient features:        
·        Very mild; neutral pH of 7.0 to 7.5
·        Low foaming for faster cleaning and better rinsing
·        Contains emollients to soften skin
·        Contains humectants to keep skin soft and moist
·        Biodegradable – safe for septic systems and our waterways

               See our GREEN Statement.

NO abrasives to plug the drains and scrape your skin
·        NO phosphates; NO DEA; NO hydroxides; NO sulfur; NO sodium
·        Economical.  One gallon replaces two or three gallons of the grit types; it
reduces, or eliminates, the need for hand lotions and skin creams

Instructions for washing hands:
·        For really dirty hands:  Put a small amount on your hands and rub it into  
both hands for about 15 seconds.  Rinse with hot or cold water.  Repeat
if necessary.
·        For average cleaning:  Wet hands and then apply small amount,
washing and rinsing as with a regular hand soap.

Additional uses:
·        Clean-up paint brushes, rollers, and paint pans
·        Remove oil spots from concrete floors and driveways – rub or brush on the
spot, allow it to soak 20 minutes, then rinse  
·        Soak pots and pans before washing
·        Wash outside deck furniture, grills, patio floors

ULTRA KLEEN® Hand Cleaner
Pricing Information

The following prices are FOB our Plant in Columbus, Ohio

4-Gallon jugs in case lots:                $59.20 ($14.80/gal)        wt 33 lbs

5-Gallon plastic pail                        $59.00 ($11.80/gal)        wt 41 lbs

55-Gallon Plastic Drum                        $484.00 ($8.80/gal)        wt 450 lbs

NOTE:  This product holds a lot of air when manufactured, so we fill the containers by weight.  After
a few weeks, much of the air bubbles out and the container level drops about an inch.
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